How It Works

We stay in your home and make every effort to maintain a similar daily routine to yourselves. Providing a presence in your home and reducing the stress of your absence on your pets.

You would need to provide us with the details of your pets feeding and exercise regime and any medications, special attention needed, or allergies. Tell us what they are and are not allowed to do and we’ll make every effort to keep them to those rules. Do they walk on lead or off lead, where do you walk them, what commands do they respond to.

  • Cats and Dogs
  • Aviary and Cage Birds
  • Chickens and Ducks
  • Reptiles and Amphibians
  • Fish Tanks and Ponds
  • Farmyards Animals
  • Rabbits
  • & Other Small Animals
About our services

Your pets will be fed and exercised in line with the details you provide. All pets are offered love, care and attention, basic grooming would be part of this care.

We will respect any parameters set for access to areas of your home but will be living there during your absence so we do need to use, a bedroom, bathroom, the kitchen and a lounge area.

You need to tell us about your home, alarms, stopcocks, circuit boards and the weird and wonderful things you are used to but might come as a surprise to us. TV and Wifi codes.

You need to leave contact numbers for emergencies and tradesmen, the full details for your vet and their location are a priority. The more information you give us the more detailed service we can offer you.

About our services

We keep the areas of the house we use clean and tidy and pride ourselves on you returning to a home at least as clean and tidy as you left it, but we are not a home cleaning service.

We are happy to water plants, mow grass (subject to equipment and size) and tend gardens especially in hot weather, but we are not a gardening service.

We bathe pets if necessary, subject to their needs and your instructions.

We like to get out and see the local area, but will not leave your pets alone for long periods of time. They can come with us if they would enjoy that and we are always happy discuss special requirements.

You don’t need to feed us but we appreciate some basics on the day of arrival and access to some store cupboard staples such as oil, sauces, salt and pepper and basic cooking ingredients.